Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stupid Colective

I don't know who these girlz think they r. Last week was totally stoopid. Like who would want to put all that embarasing stuff on the internets. It's liek they've taken a good prosciutto and chopped it all up and prosessed it into prosciutto salami. Grrrr. I can't read it, but I can't not read it, you no waht I mean?

I am in ur face Colective, giving you acne lol loosers.


  1. OMG ur totes right on! Gawd they sux and what's with all the books stuff blah blah blah?

  2. Srsly with the books, gah! Hey, your talk of proshutto makes me want a sandwich, and I don't even LIKE sandwiches. Blech.